How it Works


To get started, purchase your first wardrobe, and share your preferences using our instant wardrobe consult form (optional: brief consultation by phone to co-create the perfect wardrobe).


Before being packed, all items in your wardrobe will be washed in cold water with gentle detergent (in a guppyfriend microplastic capture bag when appropriate).


Receive and open your sustainable, custom wardrobe with photo inventory card and use your wardrobe until you don’t need it anymore (e.g. it’s been outgrown, outworn, or out of season – we’re talking weather, not trends here!)


Update your preferences and reorder your next wardrobe, giving us 1 month notice (don’t worry, we’ll remind you!) 


Along with your second (replacement) wardrobe, you’ll get a compostable, prepaid mailer to return the previous one, using the handy photo inventory and/or tag labels, for another family to borrow.


Replacement wardrobes will be sent on demand, approximately every season (3 months). 


This service is opt-in vs. opt-out since we know kids grow at different rates and seasons change differently from place to place and year to year. You know best, so you set the pace and we’ll keep up with you.