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with a free instant consult so we can get to know each other and then co-create your perfect wardrobe.

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Before being packed, all your items will be washed in cold water with gentle detergent (in a guppyfriend microplastic capture bag when appropriate).


Unbox your sustainable, custom wardrobe, and use it until it’s been outgrown, outworn, or out of season.


Reorder your replacement whenever you're ready (don’t worry, we’ll remind you 3 & 6 months after delivery).


Receive your second wardrobe, then ship back what you no longer need for free (this is OPTIONAL, for folks who want a hand with decluttering).

A photo inventory and/or item labels will be provided to help you gather all the items up and be passed on for another family to enjoy. 


(You'll get a credit for your next order based on the condition of the clothes.)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Policies, Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

All clothing is secondhand unless otherwise indicated, and is purchased and used at the consumer’s own risk. Reasonable efforts will have been undertaken to ensure the cleanliness and safety of each garment. Recalls by manufacturer are not the responsibility of Phoenix Preworn. We encourage customers to inspect items carefully and to stay informed of publicly available recall information.

Payment processing is done by 3rd parties PayPal and Stripe, and any privacy or financial concerns where payments/refunds are concerned are ultimately their responsibility. 

Privacy Policy

We will collect your information solely for the purpose of fulfilling and shipping your order, keeping you informed of relevant changes, and for marketing purposes (only with your permission, which you can withdraw at any time by unsubscribing to our emails).