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Choose Your Wardrobe

Our wardrobes contain 10-15 carefully curated items for each child.


We generally work with children from preschool through early elementary (age 2-10). That said, toddlers and middle schoolers are always welcome.

Let us know what works best for your kids and your life!

Cute & Cozy Wardrobe (preschooler)

This is a 14-piece fall/winter wardrobe that has gone through the full Phoenix cycle, having been sent to a client, used for 6 months, and then returned for another child to reuse.

This client's goal was to eliminate the need to shop or source and sort hand-me-downs, minimize overall storage space needed for kids' clothes, and ensure laundry only had to be done weekly. Their little one loves orange and red, and needed warm layers for going to school or outings in cold Montreal weather.


We provided 2 PJs, 2 sweaters, 2 denim overalls (pants & skirt), 1 pair jeans, 2 corduroy pants, 1 leggings, 1 tunic, 2 long-sleeved shirts and 1 t-shirt. 

Have a look at all the fun outfit combinations you can build with zero effort using a custom capsule!