Founder Bio

Hi! I’m Jesi. 


Our two kids are the focus of everything I do, from the way I vote, to the way I spend/save/share money, to prioritizing self-care. All kids are unique, important people who deserve a beautiful future, and a planet that’s safer and more beautiful than the one we have today.


My dream is for parents to spend more time doing what they care about most deeply, instead of only what they feel they have to do just to get through the day or week. It seems to me that all of us have been overwhelmed by raising kids at some point, and I’ve cried my heart out as I supported friends who struggled with parenthood to the point of breakdown or self-harm. 


Working one-on-one with people to solve everyday problems, and help make their lives more fulfilling, is what I thrive on. I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur, but somehow I got here by helping people in other ways, from environmental campaigning, to veterinary care, to patient safety work.


The heart of this business is empowering parents (and all caregivers to children) to live the lives they want to lead, and to make choices they can feel more proud of.


In peace and gratitude,