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Our promise is to care for each other and the world around us by getting dressed in a new way.

What if you could wake up and know that your child's
outfit had been picked out for you ahead of time?

What if every day they got to wear their favourite clothes -
the perfect fit, colour and style?

What if a whole coordinated wardrobe arrived as needed each
season, washed and ready to wear? 

What if you could create space in your home by sending off
clothes you don't need anymore, for free?

And what if you could get all the clothes you need locally,
ethically and sustainably, and help keep textiles out of landfills? 


Let's make a change together and get a fresh start with mornings full of clarity and ease. 



To create a future where families live simpler lives with more time for what matters.


To be part of a movement toward an economy powered by circular design, with sharing and reuse as the new standard and ownership fading into obsolescence.


Offer tools and support to help families thrive together


Connect people to a community of resource sharing


Create new norms that act as catalysts for positive change

Live better by eliminating waste

Make old things new again; find treasures in a sea of discarded things


Creativity - let's not settle for the status quo, and generate a cleaner, safer, and happier way to dress. 


Beauty - Fashion is a simple, visual way to communicate with others. Let's make the message about what we love and where we belong.


Honesty - let's face the truth of where our clothing comes from, how it's made, and by whom. 

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Founder Bio - Jesi Whelan

Thanks so much for visiting Phoenix Preworn.


Before I became an entrepreneur, my focus was on helping people in other ways, from environmental campaigning, to veterinary care, to patient safety work. Our two kids are the focus of everything I do, from the way I vote, to the way I use money, to prioritizing self-care.


It seems to me that most of us have been overwhelmed by parenthood at some point (including me), and I’ve cried my heart out with friends who struggled to the point of breakdown or self-harm. It doesn't need to be that way. Let's share the journey of guiding our kids through childhood together. Let's become more connected to the things we wear and share the stories woven into them.


The heart of this business is caring for the people we love and the world around us. It's my honour and pleasure to work one-on-one with families like yours to make all our lives more fulfilling. 


In peace and gratitude, 



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