Our solution was born from the desire to care for our children in a way that cares for the earth. Our capsules are designed to create a circular cycle that benefits everyone by using the resources we already have and embracing a minimalist approach to family life. Join our community of sustainable shoppers.

Family Portrait 4


To create a future where families live simpler lives with more time for what matters. To be part of a movement toward an economy powered by circular design, with sharing and reuse as the new standard and ownership fading into obsolescence.


Opening up space and time to focus on living life better by eliminating clothing waste and excess. Connecting people to the community around them by sharing resources (including knowledge and materials). Communicating fun, style, thoughtfulness and beauty through fashion. Making old things new again; finding treasures in a sea of discarded things. Creating new norms that act as catalysts for more positive change. Raising awareness about the old habits that do harm.


Honesty - let's face the truth of where our clothing comes from, how it's made, and by whom. Creativity - let's not settle for the status quo, but generate a cleaner, safer, happier and more resourceful way to dress. Beauty - Fashion is a simple, visual way to communicate with others. Let's make the message about what we love and who we are instead of about following consumer trends.

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